Molalla Art Studio

Molalla, Oregon

This art studio was created for a working artist who balances her work in fiber arts, weaving, book arts and teaching. The project explores what is essential in a place for creation – to explore, contemplate, and generate. Sited in a rural landscape surrounded by archetypal agrarian buildings, gardens, and llamas, the project’s form is a simple long gable roof with a few large openings to re-frame the stunning rural views.

The project is both contextual and modern, with humble materials, forms and refined contemporary detail. The close relationship of the studio building to the house and barn define several newly formed outdoor courtyards. The interior is an open plan with an exposed barn-like structure, where the scale and proportion of the room, the ‘Fink’ style wood trusses, and large window openings provide the spatial context. The stained indigo blue exterior and the interior weave of ochre wood, reference the artist’s love of all things Japanese.

The custom furniture creates focused work areas for design, sewing, and weaving. The lower level provides a drive through garage for the owner’s fabric dying vintage, collected ephemera and her 1966 Mustang.